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About Us
Welcome, reader! At GuideStar, we believe that better data leads to better decisions, ultimately creating a better world. We think you do, too, so we’ve brought thought leaders and experts to you so you can benefit from their insight. On The GuideStar Blog, you’ll find information about nonprofit management, philanthropy, data, and the social sector, as well as thought-provoking content on trending nonprofit sector conversations, news, events and programs that matter to you the most.

Dive into content from our curated team of guest bloggers on a wide range of topics relating to the nonprofit sector and its supporters, including: charitable giving trends, donor and volunteer management, financial management, the latest thoughts from the land of academia, fundraising, board development and other foundation-related content, and social media, PR and marketing strategies.  Explore what our guest bloggers say about big-picture issues such as data collection, measurement and visualization, maximizing nonprofit impact, nonprofit collaborations and partnerships, and more. We hope you enjoy!

Our audience:  The GuideStar Blog serves a wide array of nonprofit professionals, including: nonprofit leaders, donors, researchers, members of the media, academics, professional service providers such as lawyers and CPAs, institutional foundation staff, volunteers, and others. Once published, GuideStar publicizes posts through its social media channels, reaching over 90,000 people in the nonprofit sector.

Submission guidelines:
We accept guest posts on a rolling basis. Blog posts should align with our blog mission to provide our readers with information and resources on GuideStar’s passion and knowledge of nonprofit management, philanthropy, data, and the social sector. Blog posts should provide thought-provoking content on trending nonprofit sector conversations, news, events and programs. Posts can focus on tips, tricks, and thought leadership to help nonprofits make better decisions fueled by Guidestar’s Nonprofit Profiles, products, services, or thought leadership in the sector. GuideStar accepts promotional posts that relate back to our mission, vision, values and resources at our own discretion.

The blog post should be short, informative in tone, and include hyperlinks to helpful content and resources. The desired length is 400 words, but that’s not a hard and fast rule. Please check your submission for typos and grammatical clarity before submitting.  A list of our specific topic areas of interest is below. Cross-posts are welcome, but we must be able to link to the original post. Original guest posts are preferred.  Send an email to Courtney Cherico at courtney.cherico@guidestar.org with your contact information and a brief introduction to the topic your blog post and how it would explore and fit into one of our themes. We are happy to work with you and brainstorm ideas to ensure a successful article, maximum post reach and overall wonderful guest blogging experience.

Upon accepting your submission, final blog posts (via Microsoft Word document), a minimum of one additional blog post image (.jpg), author headshots (.jpg), and author bios (via Microsoft Word document) are due to Courtney Cherico by close of business the day before scheduled publication. If this deadline is not met, all efforts will be made to re-schedule for a later publication date. Once published, the blog post will live on our site which averages 15,000 monthly views, and once posted, will be publicized through our social media channels reaching over 90,000 in the nonprofit sector.

Blog Topic Ideas:
We welcome your unique idea for a blog post.  Here are some starting points for your reference divide by our three main categories—Data, Decisions, and Impact. 

Data:  Thought leadership on data, data visualization, Big Data, storytelling with data, metrics, measuring data, etc.
Decisions: Thought leadership, tools and tips to help make better decisions for nonprofits based on reliable data and information, such as: Board development, fundraising, social media, PR and/or marketing tips, community foundations, etc.
Impact: Building trust in nonprofits and the sector, transparency, nonprofit thought leadership, nonprofit impact, mission, vision, and values, charitable giving, giving wisely, nonprofit accountability, effectiveness, economics, transparency, compensation, and practice.


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